How it Works

You could be up and running in as little as 1 day (based on requirement) when you order the system from us.

The back end admin system for in-house bookings works online and requires no software downloads, everything is held on our server so whatever happens to your own computer equipment your data and system is always safe. If your PC crashes, simply logon with another internet enabled device and you will be back up and running.

To enable online bookings and payments you will need an online payment partner such as "World Pay, Stripe, Paypal, Barclays Card".

You can easily start off with just the in-house system and then offer online bookings to your customers at a later date when you are happy with all the procedures.

First thing you do is set up your party types and prices, then the time slots for these parties, you can choose to have any party type available for any time slot on any day.

If you would like more information or would like to talk about setting this system up for your centre please call 0101 010 1010 or email us via our contact form on the contact page.

How Online Party Booking differs

Our six base approaches are the unique features that make us stand out in this competitive world.

Low price

Our Price match ensures you get the best deal - every single time. Find something you like for less elsewhere and we'll match the price.

New features

JSO is constantly innovating and improving with the new features - while always remaining clear and easy of use.

No commission

You earn it and you keep it. Unlike many other e-commerce platforms, JSO doesn't charge any commissions at all

Customized just for your Business Requirement

Customize your website and landing pages together under one web address for a more branded experience.

We help you to setup everything

If you run into any problems getting your store set up, you can always hire help from our Experts.

Pay as you grow

Take advantage of technology solutions that grow with your business with Pay As You Grow from JSO.

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